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Our Mission Statement:

Silvia Benedetta Cartegni & Outstanding Services & Events s.l. are totally committed to

  •  Provide an Outstanding, especially tailored service, exceeding customers satisfaction by combining creativity & genuineness, resulting in its client' s unforgettable and unique experience....
  • ....And to constantly improve & raise its standards with the clear purpose of always stepping up to the next level ,with you....!


  • Outstanding Services & Events s.l. is an ambitiouse project started in 2008, developed by Silvia Benedetta Cartegni with the clear purpose to serve, support and help any human been in need to change, make happen or better something in it's life;
  • Being Emotional and phisical health as well as Youth leadership two of the main passions and speciality of Silvia, you will be able to find out what you need, to make in those and many other areas of your life your long term change, consistent and durable that will result in a "life changing" improvement that will move you to the next level. 
  • We have put all together the experience gained through years through hard work, research and training, and we cannot wait anymore to put it at others service. We wish to cross paths with you and grow together!

For For the past 20 years we have been looking for constant and never ending improovement, in personal and professional development as well as in learning new skills and techniques to adapt to new challenges and different economical moments.

We are totally compromised in social contribution: we believe the real meaning of life is to leave a sign of our existence, and what's better then serving others and working to satisfy their needs?

Silvia Benedetta Cartegni serves a community committed to daily practice toward an outstanding MIND_BODY_SOUL health & Vitality. She is an e

She is Graduated in the Mastery University of Anthony Robbins, is also a certified Emotional Intelligence and NLP Master Practitionair. Her degree and certification for Life and youth coaching and mentoring it has been one of her dream come true, as a mother of 5 and Entreprenour.

She has the priviledge to learn and to serve together every year with few of the very best in both Life and Youth coaching and leadership, such as Anthony Robbins, Joseph Mc Clendon, Harry Singha, Steve Jacks,  as well as many other recognised Interanational speackers...

Her aim is to Serve you and our community, to guide you, help you, support you to get what you truly want, and if you don't kow what that is yet, to discover it!

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